Just One Family

It would’ve been enough for this family to find peace. To come back home and go about their lives of quiet service. But they didn’t do that. They went home and started speaking up publicly for other LGBTQ+ Christians and their families in Sweden.

A Rare Soul.

“At the height of the AIDS crisis when so many of our sons and brothers were dying, having been kicked out of families and ostracized from churches – this church was different.

…Because their preacher was different.”

Coming Out. A Quarter of a Century Later.

“It occurred to me driving on the ice that it would be so easy to just veer off the road, go through the guard rails and down into the ravine, hoping the car would just roll over and over and that I wouldn’t survive that tumble. Then I would never have to acknowledge that I was attracted to women. Never have to hurt and embarrass my family. Never have to experience the deep shame – deeper than I had already felt for years – of coming out to friends.”