“Why did you make it so hard? Why do you have sooo many different breakout sessions? There are too many good options – I can’t decide!”

Every conference, it’s the most common complaint – too many choices among the breakout sessions! And it’s true. We’ve tried every time to stop – to reduce the number of offerings for breakout sessions – but it’s impossible! Too many topics warrant our attention, and we want to address the needs of our attendees as much as we possibly can in such a short period of time. 

So for the ’22 CenterPeace Conference, we’re offering 24 different breakout sessions! The bad news is that there will only be three breakout slots over Friday and Saturday, November 4 and 5. You’ll have to choose between eight stellar classes being offered at the same time. And during the conference, the virtual audience will only have access to the breakout session that’s happening in the Sanctuary. 

We know it’s hard. We feel your pain.

But the good news is that ALL the sessions will be recorded and everyone who registers for the conference – VIRTUALLY OR IN-PERSON – will have access to ALL of the other classes! For up to six weeks following the conference!

And just wait til you hear the lineup of breakouts we’re offering…

  • A conversation between Laura Bethany Buchleiter and Mark Wingfield who are “eager to share the story of how one person’s journey to true gender identity and one church’s journey to true understanding merged into a model we hope will inspire individuals and churches.”  
  • A presentation from Tim Nations and the CenterPeace Task Force on LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth, sharing the needs of a vulnerable population and how we as a spiritual community can best serve our LGBTQ+ teens and young adults.
  • A discussion among participants in the recent Peacemaker Pilot, an intensive exploration of scholarship, literature, and experiential knowledge around faith and sexuality. Church leaders who entered into this communal discernment process will share their personal take aways, and how this endeavor is shaping their leadership in their congregations.
  • Teaching from biblical scholars  – along with professors from Christian universities – on the passages of Scripture that have shaped our thinking around same-sex sexuality.
  • talk-back session with the makers of 1946, the new documentary about the use of the word ‘homosexuality’ for the first time in the Revised Standard translation of the Bible. Hear from director Rocky Roggio and surprise voices from the film!
  • Research projects from fresh and seasoned scholars about the real lives and faith of LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Hear the story of how the Stamford Church of Christ made the decision to become affirming.
  • Learn from singer/songwriter Marsha Stevens-Pino & her wife, Cindy, and other same-sex couples who are married, sharing what they’ve gained from living in faithful, monogamous, life-long covenant together.
  • A time for nurturing the faith of LGBTQ+ Christians with biblical scholar/author Karen Keen.
  • A session for encouraging parents of LGBTQ+ individuals through group spiritual direction, led by Chris Altrock and a host of participants from past groups.
  • A discussion among church planters who followed God’s call on their lives to create fully inclusive faith communities for LGBTQ+ people.
  • Recognize the impact spiritual trauma has had on all of us, and learn about Trauma-Informed Evangelism from authors Charles Kiser and Elaine Heath.
  • And a special session specifically designed for verbal processors! For those of us who learn best by talking about ideas – especially when it’s something new to us – having a place to actually engage in discussion with others is extremely helpful. During every breakout session, you’ll have the option to meet with fellow attendees in a room with comfy couches and chairs arranged for intimate conversation. Grab a cup of coffee and a cookie and come talk about what you’re experiencing at the conference! 

Even with this extensive lineup of topics and speakers, we realize there are needs of our community that aren’t being addressed. For that we’re sorry. It’s our prayer that even in the absence of a targeted discussion, that there will be ample opportunities for needs to be acknowledged and discussed with new friends, through newly formed spiritual community. 

Maybe that starts in a private conversation over coffee during a break, and continues over a long lunch in the Community Hall. 

Maybe it warrants skipping a main conference session in order to sneak away to a nearby restaurant to sit and talk for a while with someone who understands. 

Whatever you need to do, to care for the deepest parts of your soul while you’re here.

And of course we’ll be here to pray with you. Our prayer team will be available in the prayer room for the duration of the conference to listen. To pray with us, anytime, anywhere.

We’ll be posting the full schedule soon – just especially for you planners who like to choose the three breakouts you’ll attend weeks in advance! Sign up now at!

It’s getting good, folks.

Stay tuned for more…

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